William Scandrett

“From a business perspective, Ignyte Assurance Platform increased trust in our regulatory compliance response, and it maximized our resource time. It gave us a method to quickly produce reports with an assurance that we are monitoring things as close to real-time as we can without having to ask anybody for evidence. We never want to do the same work twice and if we can leverage a platform that can not only give us that compliance assurance that we’re looking for, but also an ability to quickly produce near to real-time compliance reports, that’s a huge one.

CISO, Allina Health
Justice Kanu

“I was really impressed with Ignyte’s software product. Coming from an external auditor background, we were always in spreadsheets, and that was pretty much it. Getting a centralized solution, where everything is in one repository, is a big positive change.”

Security Risk Analyst, Allina Health
Tim Rounds

“We’re able to move off a bigger industry-recognized tool that required endless expenses for configuration changes during the first 1.5 years to get it actually running correctly, and use platforms like Ignyte to get everything done at a fraction of the previous budget and almost immediate roll-out plan. It’s agile, very technical, and forward-looking.”

Manager, Information Services - Governance, Risk, and Compliance, Allina Health
Travis Moore

“We’ve evaluated about six different companies. Ignyte stood out based on their knowledge and experience in cybersecurity, and ability to scale and grow with us. The technology that they’ve built at Ignyte Assurance Platform enables them to have the best product at the best price. In combination with their level of service, it really made for a perfect partnership.”

President, Jemco
John Zimmerly

“The founder of Ignyte Assurance Platform is a great person with a great vision. As we implemented the solution, the Ignyte team was on top of any issues that needed attention and made sure it was accessible. We’re very pleased with the product.”

Director - Security & Governance, CCHMC