Vulnerability & Threat Management

Executing an effective vulnerability management program made unchallenging by Ignyte Assurance Platform™. Vendors are constantly releasing critical security updates that can take more than six months to apply internally. Why?

  • Most organizations do not know what systems or applications they have making it difficult to identify relevant security updates in a timely manner.
  • Administrators manually monitor threat, vulnerability and system update feeds which is time intensive.
  • Remediation activities are rarely assigned completion time frames or clear responsibility and updates are rarely validated.

The Ignyte Assurance Platform™ makes tracking vulnerabilities and assigning remediation responsibilities easy.


Maintain an accurate inventory of systems and applications. Use Ignyte Assurance Platform™ to track system and application versions, owners, and configurations to ensure system updates can be identified quickly and accurately.


Define vulnerability remediation owners and automatically track system risk mitigation from identification to remediation. Assign remediation activities to system owners, send reminders at predefined intervals, and provide the metrics necessary to ensure action.


Eliminate the need for spreadsheets and manual vulnerability management processes. Automate vulnerability management from end-to-end and reduce your administration burden.  Integrate with your existing configuration management database (CMDB) and vulnerability testing software to reduce your organization’s overall attack surface and improve your cybersecurity.

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