FedRAMP Management

FedRAMP aims to simplify security for the digital age by providing a standardized approach to security for the cloud. However, most cloud security providers (CSP) are overwhelmed with managing complex control requirements, unfamiliar government processes, and laborious templated reporting requirements. By using the Ignyte Assurance Platform™ CSPs, you can automate the entire lifecycle of obtaining a FedRAMP ID and FedRAMP Approval to improve and strengthen your cloud security.


Eliminate the need for redundant emails and tracking outside of the legacy systems in place. With Ignyte Assurance Platform™, you can quickly modernize and automate the entire ATO life cycle starting from system registration to system decommissioning. Recurring certifications packages, complex control inheritance rules, and continuous monitoring requirements are completely automated with a 21 century certification analyst friendly interface. Use Ignyte Assurance Platform™ to increase efficiencies and show real time reporting and demonstrate situational awareness on all levels.


FedRAMP controls and process can be complex and can be often seem as unmanageable without the support of FedRAMP certified Third Party Assessment Organization (3PAO). Ignyte offers a guided pre-assessment and assessment capabilities reducing the need for outside resources until certification is required. This also enables the organization to completely own and manage the knowledge within the organization often not possible when hiring contracted resources.


Achieving internal reciprocity and harmonization between current internal requirements and FedRAMP requirements isn’t a daunting task with Ignyte Assurance Platform™. The various standards often create silos of fragmented information within the organization. With Ignyte, requirements are automatically cross-mapped from one framework to another using our proprietary language translation engine. This allows your organization to focus on running the business efficiently manage FedRAMP requirements.

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