Authorization & Attestation Management

Government agencies are required to provide proper oversight and management to ensure compliance with FISMA, NIST RMF, NDAA, and many other regulations to maintain public trust. Most of these internal processes are managed and upkept by legacy systems and internal teams to keep track of massive compliance data. By using the Ignyte Assurance Platform™, you can automate broad range of services for comprehensive, fully-integrated cybersecurity management.


Eliminate the need for redundant emails and tracking outside of the legacy systems in place. With Ignyte Assurance Platform™, you can quickly modernize and automate the entire AtO (Authorization to Operate) life cycle starting from system registration to system decommissioning. Recurring certifications packages, complex control inheritance rules, and continuous monitoring requirements are completely automated with a 21 century certification analyst friendly interface. Use Ignyte Assurance Platform™ to increase efficiencies and show real time reporting and demonstrate situational awareness on all levels.


Enable mission readiness through an effective response to emerging requirements and cyber threats. Ignyte Assurance Platform™ provides AtO lifecycle cost estimations, level of effort estimations, and drives operational efficiencies. With our tailored assurance platform offering, we can make certain that you have operational support when and where you need it improving your operational efficiency and reducing your product support costs.


Gain unprecedented transparency and visibility into cyber management. Ignyte offers portfolio analysis, controls scorecard measurement, dashboard reporting, and the generation of Risk Management Framework (RMF) for Department of Defense (DoD) Information Technology (IT) and DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) Package Reports.