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Freedom From CMMC & DFARS Complexity

Purpose Built. Specialized DFARS NIST 800-171 CMMC Accreditation Package.
A Note About CMMC
The CMMC was released by the DoD on 31 January 2020. The CMMC Accreditation Body members are working to produce additional guidance to support the certification path. For now, Ignyte recommends implementing NIST 800-171.

Manage the Complete CMMC Accreditation Process

Commercialized End to End Authorization & Attestation Technology
Ignyte was built for educated SMEs and smart organizations looking to go beyond checklist software. Accreditation software means applying a structured approach to mitigating risk by assessing the technical impact on business. Ignyte is:
  • Cost-effective
  • Assessor & 3PAO friendly
  • Implementer ready
  • Prime & sub-contractor preferred platform

What are the challenges solved by Ignyte?

Ignyte’s accreditation solution efficiently manages CMMC & DFARS compliance & risk mitigation requirements and communication challenges between stakeholders through workflow automation, predictive data insights and automated monitoring. The Ignyte team leverages our proprietary software with auditor staff in:
  • Defense Contractor Repository System
  • Conducting proper scoping & characterization of control implementation cost
  • Tailoring & modifying NIST 800-171 controls making them relevant to the business
  • Capturing CUI, CDI and FCI data types
  • Automated STIG & CCI based implementation
  • SCAP compliant integrated software
  • Integration with common vulnerability management tools
  • Ongoing automated evidence gathering through Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Live Plan of Action & Milestone (POA&M)
  • Tailored System Security Plan (SSP) generation
  • Submission to C3PAO & Assessor workflow
  • Authority to Operate (ATO) package builder
  • Collaboration between implementer, assessor, primary contractor, and accreditation body
Alternatives to Accreditation Software
Most small businesses manage NIST SP 800-171 implementation ineffectively through spreadsheets or general-purpose compliance software labeled as CMMC software rather than purpose-built accreditation software. These industry solutions have been developed within only the last 6-9 months. Ignyte has been operating for 5+ years in accreditation software. Alternatives lead to:
  • Incomplete software features
  • Additional charges for development (enhanced features)
  • Lack of C&A, ATO & approval processes domain knowledge
  • Developed with a spreadsheet checklist in mind
  • Diminishing value over time
What is included within the full CMMC Accreditation package?
The Ignyte team will review your specific pain points and tailor a package to fit the cybersecurity compliance needs that will help you build a sustainable program that meets your CMMC objectives.  We don’t just look to fill a software void but ask direct questions and listen for potential gaps in resources, technology or understanding to provide best practice recommendations.  Examples of your deliverables include:
  • Pre-packaged SMB Implementation Training per family of requirements
  • Pre-packaged software for hardening your computer systems for Windows, Linux & Unix based Operating Systems
  • Suggestions for defense industry requirements, such as reasonable policies & procedures, regulatory compliance planning guidance, and security strategies
  • Manage IT & federal compliance holistically:
      – Formalize program building & delivery
      – Sustainment of upcoming CMMC process and requirements
  • Deliver & build organizational level value:
     ​ – Measure the cost of compliance as in investment
     – Develop fraction team-members to help scale & grow your organization



The deadline for compliance with the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is fast approaching. While DoD supply chain vendors are understanding the requirements, the flow-down provision requires that you comply with the level of maturity your prime contractor is required to follow – and that your subcontractors do the same. 

Will you be ready?

Ignyte provides expert cybersecurity consulting and compliance management software for CMMC programs. How does your organization’s CMMC compliance measure up to the five levels of CMMC maturity? Find out for free. 

For a limited time, Ignyte is offering a no-cost pre-assessment consultation by one of our CMMC experts. In a 30-minute call, we will tell you where you are in maturity based on the most current version of the DoD CMMC, focusing on Level 1 Maturity (aka Basic Cyber Hygiene). This free assessment will help you uncover any Level 1 gaps.

Partnering with Ignyte will help you and your firm mitigate the risk of losing or being excluded from DoD contracts.

Authorization & Attestation Management

Government agencies are required to provide proper oversight and management to ensure compliance with FISMA, NIST RMF, NDAA, and many other regulations to maintain public trust. Most of these internal processes are managed and upkept by legacy systems and internal teams to keep track of massive compliance data. By using the Ignyte Assurance Platform™, you can automate broad range of services for comprehensive, fully-integrated cybersecurity management.


Eliminate the need for redundant emails and tracking outside of the legacy systems in place. With Ignyte Assurance Platform™, you can quickly modernize and automate the entire AtO (Authorization to Operate) life cycle starting from system registration to system decommissioning. Recurring certifications packages, complex control inheritance rules, and continuous monitoring requirements are completely automated with a 21 century certification analyst friendly interface. Use Ignyte Assurance Platform™ to increase efficiencies and show real time reporting and demonstrate situational awareness on all levels.


Enable mission readiness through an effective response to emerging requirements and cyber threats. Ignyte Assurance Platform™ provides AtO lifecycle cost estimations, level of effort estimations, and drives operational efficiencies. With our tailored assurance platform offering, we can make certain that you have operational support when and where you need it improving your operational efficiency and reducing your product support costs.


Gain unprecedented transparency and visibility into cyber management. Ignyte offers portfolio analysis, controls scorecard measurement, dashboard reporting, and the generation of Risk Management Framework (RMF) for Department of Defense (DoD) Information Technology (IT) and DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) Package Reports.

FedRAMP Management

FedRAMP aims to simplify security for the digital age by providing a standardized approach to security for the cloud. However, most cloud security providers (CSP) are overwhelmed with managing complex control requirements, unfamiliar government processes, and laborious templated reporting requirements. By using the Ignyte Assurance Platform™ CSPs, you can automate the entire lifecycle of obtaining a FedRAMP ID and FedRAMP Approval to improve and strengthen your cloud security.


Eliminate the need for redundant emails and tracking outside of the legacy systems in place. With Ignyte Assurance Platform™, you can quickly modernize and automate the entire ATO life cycle starting from system registration to system decommissioning. Recurring certifications packages, complex control inheritance rules, and continuous monitoring requirements are completely automated with a 21 century certification analyst friendly interface. Use Ignyte Assurance Platform™ to increase efficiencies and show real time reporting and demonstrate situational awareness on all levels.


FedRAMP controls and process can be complex and can be often seem as unmanageable without the support of FedRAMP certified Third Party Assessment Organization (3PAO). Ignyte offers a guided pre-assessment and assessment capabilities reducing the need for outside resources until certification is required. This also enables the organization to completely own and manage the knowledge within the organization often not possible when hiring contracted resources.


Achieving internal reciprocity and harmonization between current internal requirements and FedRAMP requirements isn’t a daunting task with Ignyte Assurance Platform™. The various standards often create silos of fragmented information within the organization. With Ignyte, requirements are automatically cross-mapped from one framework to another using our proprietary language translation engine. This allows your organization to focus on running the business efficiently manage FedRAMP requirements.

Vulnerability & Threat Management

Executing an effective vulnerability management program made unchallenging by Ignyte Assurance Platform™. Vendors are constantly releasing critical security updates that can take more than six months to apply internally. Why?

  • Most organizations do not know what systems or applications they have making it difficult to identify relevant security updates in a timely manner.
  • Administrators manually monitor threat, vulnerability and system update feeds which is time intensive.
  • Remediation activities are rarely assigned completion time frames or clear responsibility and updates are rarely validated.

The Ignyte Assurance Platform™ makes tracking vulnerabilities and assigning remediation responsibilities easy.


Maintain an accurate inventory of systems and applications. Use Ignyte Assurance Platform™ to track system and application versions, owners, and configurations to ensure system updates can be identified quickly and accurately.


Define vulnerability remediation owners and automatically track system risk mitigation from identification to remediation. Assign remediation activities to system owners, send reminders at predefined intervals, and provide the metrics necessary to ensure action.


Eliminate the need for spreadsheets and manual vulnerability management processes. Automate vulnerability management from end-to-end and reduce your administration burden.  Integrate with your existing configuration management database (CMDB) and vulnerability testing software to reduce your organization’s overall attack surface and improve your cybersecurity.

Vendor Governance

Recent high-profile security breaches have been traced back to a vendor’s ability to access sensitive information. Increased risks posed by vendors have prompted companies to elevate their vendor governance efforts. The Ignyte Assurance Platform™ is a customized solution designed to facilitate effective and efficient vendor risk management.


With just a few clicks, you can begin assessing your vendor risk. Ignyte Assurance Platform™ provides the flexibility to import the Shared Assessments SIG and customize questionnaires to align with your organization’s needs. After vendors answer questions using the dedicated vendor portal, results are then automatically compiled into actionable reports.


Achieve ongoing vendor compliance through periodic assessments. Vendor questionnaires are sent according to a pre-determined schedule. Ignyte Assurance Platform™ proprietary technology prompts vendors to easily and quickly complete questionnaires. By leveraging Shared Assessments SIG, questionnaires can be standardized to allow vendors to save time and ensure accuracy by using one set of responses for multiple questionnaires.


Automated vendor governance workflows drive critical vendor risks to the forefront allowing your team to focus on high-risk vendors. Create actionable reporting and work with vendors to address security deficiencies and make informed vendor risk decisions.


Many organizations struggle to measure risk effectively and maintain compliance with regulations and contractual requirements. With the IT risk and cybersecurity risk landscape constantly shifting, managing IT governance, risk, cyber risk, and compliance is challenging. The Ignyte Assurance Platform™ addresses the administrative complexity organizations face and provides information required to make appropriate risk decisions.


IT risk management and compliance require established and consistent information technology procedures driven by well-defined standards and policies. Measuring compliance to corporate policies, selected standards, and procedures is difficult. Ignyte Assurance Platform™ simplifies IT risk management, compliance, vendor management, and other IT governance functions by freeing corporate resources to focus on core business activities.


Many organizations have operated with ad-hoc processes for years making it difficult to implement formal procedures. Achieving organization-wide IT governance is often easier said than done. Ignyte Assurance Platform™ eliminates having to manually track adherence to IT processes and lifts the administrative burden.


The foundation for effective information security is sound risk analysis and management practices. The challenge is identifying and qualifying risks as well as tracking risks from identification through either mitigation, transfer or acceptance. Ignyte Assurance Platform™ simplifies both risk analysis and management to provide clear visibility into your organization’s risks.

Audit Management

IT auditors provide assurance to management that regulations and contractual requirements are met and that information technology risks are maintained at an acceptable level. Most of these internal teams manage their audits manually using Excel spreadsheets to keep track of data and processes. By using the Ignyte Assurance Platform™ to automate your audit activities, your audit teams are more efficient and productive.


Eliminate the need for spreadsheets and manual audit processes. With Ignyte Assurance Platform™ you can automate recurring audits, manage work papers, assign responsibility for controls and report on audit status. Use Ignyte Assurance Platform™ to increase your internal audit team’s effectiveness and show real time reporting on key metrics.


Use audit workflows and work paper management to save time and effort on audits. System-based audit questionnaires are used to collect audit information with minimal effort. The Ignyte Assurance Platform™ relieves the administrative burden for internal audit.


Provide the necessary audit evidence in an organized format to reduce external audit costs. External audit teams will rely on work papers gathered during internal audits and reduce the need for additional evidence gathering activities.

Compliance Management

The number and complexity of information privacy and security requirements is rapidly increasing. With non-compliance penalties getting larger and more frequent every year, meeting regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FedRAMP, FISMA, and FFIEC has never been more important. Keeping informed on shifting requirements and maintaining compliance is challenging and requires ongoing testing and validation. Stay current on the regulations you fall under, avoid costly fines, and track ongoing compliance with the Ignyte Assurance Platform™ compliance management system.


Define and store your organization’s existing controls. As new regulations are implemented, compliance is validated through Ignyte Assurance Platform™’s automated control mappings and the necessary updates are made to the affected controls instantly. Notifications with detailed explanations regarding the updates are distributed immediately to your teams.


With the cost of non-compliance increasing, properly administering your risk management program is vital to ensure you are meeting your regulatory requirements. General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) compliance violations will be fined at the greater of 4% of annual revenue or 20 Million Euros. Use Ignyte Assurance Platform™ to help control your risk management program and reduce the likelihood of your organization experiencing costly penalties.


Mitigate your organization’s ongoing risk of potential violations. Measure and validate ongoing compliance through alerts triggered from changes to your internal environment.