Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment is to identify information security vulnerabilities associated with network devices, host systems, and applications on a customer’s external and internal infrastructure. A vulnerability assessment is normally a component of a larger security review, but may also be a standalone service.

Our assessments answer these questions

  1. Is the present internal control framework sufficient to mitigate risks associated with both internal and external threats?
  2. Can the host systems, applications, or infrastructure elements be compromised – thus adversely affecting the ability to continue business operations?
  3. Are the fundamental administrative procedures, physical safeguards, and technical safeguards in place to protect the corporate image and customer’s private data?


Ignyte’s Vulnerability Assessment is based on a phased approach to control the progression of the engagement. At the end of each phase, we provide a summary of activities, results, and an overview of the next steps to gain your “buy-in” before moving towards the following phases.

  • Project Initiation
  • Phase I: Discovery
  • Phase II: Assessment
  • Phase III: Validation
  • Phase IV: Restoration
  • Project Reporting

Focus on result

Our detailed reports highlight areas which need to be addressed as necessary for the overall business objectives. This Ignyte assessment will provide your organization with:

  • An analysis and summary of identified vulnerabilities and recommendations to assist in developing the appropriate remediation strategy.
  • A “Quick Hits” report is provided with a prioritized list of high-risk low-cost opportunities to facilitate rapid correction.

Solving Enterprise Risks Through People, Process, and Technology

Businesses often discover that buying and installing new security software is only a small part of an enterprise security solution. An effective security solution is one in which an organization manages risk, provides effective processes and implements technology for security enablement. Ignyte tailors the approach to meet your specific business requirements to protect your enterprise resources and ensure business continuity.