Launch Program

The majority of GRC application deployments fail to live up to their promises. This failure is often due to poor planning and a lack of understanding exactly how GRC programs influence business outcomes.  The Ignyte Launch Program was designed specifically to address these common failures to ensure a successful deployment that accelerates value recognition to the business.


GRC programs often fail to provide a clear cut return on investment for business management. A key component of the launch program is detailing how, when and where on the timeline the value is delivered to your institution. With Ignyte, you can be assured that the project is maintain within cost and timeline required.


Socializing the plan and progress to leadership can be a daunting task especially if the project has not delivered true value. We know your success is tied to how effectively and efficiently you manage critical governance processes. The Launch program true value lies in ability to only understand this but actually deliver with speed. Using our proven methodology, our expert team members evaluate and build solid business outcome that drive solution success from the start.


  • Customized Governance Launch Plan
  • Value Recognition Plan
  • Implementation & Training