Organizations today often have duplication of capabilities, tools, and technologies where significant investment has been made into an existing system. With Ignyte Integration Services, your organization can reap the benefit of taking a systems thinking approach to assembling and delivering internal assurance and GRC programs globally.


Our teams’ deep background and expertise in delivering large-scale projects for the Department of Defense gives us a unique insight into how to integrate complex business systems. Whether it’s procure systems integrating onto our platform or our vulnerabilities management repository integrating into a SIEM, Ignyte’s Integration Team ensures that you have a sound systems integration approach to deliver the next era of cyber assurance management platform.


A core component of integration with many systems is global optimization. This allows the system to function as a cohesive, single system with a broad range of capabilities. This is where Ignyte Assurance Platform outshines many of its competitors by self-assembling in the business ecosystem. Integration services are used to optimize this ecosystem so there is tight integration between several complementary components.


Third Party Connectors allows us to exchange data from other security applications. The Ignyte Integration Team has several unlisted connectors that directly interface with the Ignyte Advance Orchestration SDK, which allows many existing security systems to communicate with one another.