Ignyte— has been recognized as the industry leader for delivering expert security services for organizations of all sizes across the country. Ignyte Assurance Assessment Services provides the opportunity to supplement the Ignyte platform.


Ignyte has expert static and dynamic code analysis resources to assist organizations with manual and automated code review. We help ensure there is no malicious code within an application before it goes into production. Ignyte has the ability to help change developer behavior from a Secure SDLC perspective and will also assist with Abuse Case Development and Learning Defensive Programming.


Ignyte will perform dynamic testing which is used in software engineering to describe the testing of the dynamic behavior of code. This refers to the examination of the physical response from the system to variables that are not constant and change with time. Whereas Static is being examined without being executed. Using the OWASP Top 10 our developers have a wide range of experience for performing this type of assessment. Ignyte can also perform security DevOps Security Testing if needed as well.


The reputation and history of Ignyte is built on technical services from penetration testing to writing custom FIPS-approved encryption algorithms in C and Assembly for some of the largest hardware distributors in the world. Ignyte maintains this pool of talent to test and audit our own platform. We offer our customers the opportunity to leverage this talent by providing limited attack and strategy engagements to inform of penetration testing or vulnerability management.


Ignyte will develop a Vulnerability & Patch Management Strategy and the validation of those patches. This is very critical for an organization to implement to ensure there are no gaps within the environment that can be easily remediated through patch and vulnerability management. Ignyte has experienced personnel that can review the results and create a mitigation strategy for specific gaps found.


Ignyte has solid experience in the military/government field and has adopted Military Attack Planning and Simulation Strategy for threat modeling. Ignyte will plan and implement defensive strategies when dealing with advanced cyber threats. Ignyte will identify objectives and vulnerabilities and then defining countermeasures to prevent, mitigate the effects of threats to the organization.


Ignyte will provide a physical threat assessment based on formal methodology & training provided by US Military Forces. The assessment includes air and land perimeter inspection and physical intrusion testing or social engineering.