Vendor Management

As vendor risks steadily rise, procurement teams are diligently developing strategies about how best to protect their organizations. Best practices include regularly conducting vendor assessments, developing proactive vendor risk practices, and looking beyond vendors to understand the 4-party-suppliers.

Organizations must bring vendor risk management to the forefront of their initiatives and ensure they are actively monitoring and managing their key partners. Ensuring potential vendors align with your company’s mission, values, and standards as well as actively monitoring your vendor practices to ensure they remain compliant and accountable is overwhelming. Use the Ignyte Assurance Platform™ to learn, understand, and mitigate vendor risks before they escalate into larger issues.


We know your vendor risk management solution success is tied to how well the implementation is executed. Using our proven methodology, our expert teams evaluate and build solid business requirements that drive solution evaluation and execution from the start. We will confidently provide even the most complex rollout on a timeline that aligns with your schedule and will shorten the time to value for your organizational investment.


Our custom solution provides the ability to streamline processes, simplify complex regulations, and manage the integration of controls across multiple security frameworks at once. Improve efficiencies, establish a robust audit trail, and lower organizational costs by using Ignyte to apply vendor workflow automation across any industry-standard framework, such as SIGs, FEDRAMP, DFARs, HIPAA, ISO 27000, and PCI-DSS.


Define vulnerability remediation owners and automatically track system risk mitigation from identification to remediation. Assign remediation activities to system owners, send reminders at predefined intervals, and provide the metrics necessary to ensure action. Our dashboards provide leadership with ability to see at a glance what remediation activities are completed and the organization’s current state of overall compliance.


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