Security Ops Team

Security operations team members often struggle with consolidating data, managing threat feeds, and analyzing unrealizable information in a timely manner. Ignyte allows security operations to work hand-in-hand with governance and other team members to ensure that they have the complete 360-view of emerging threats and vulnerabilities available to help streamline processes.


Use Ignyte to ingest threat feeds from various data sources. Leverage threat intelligence to reduce time required for research, analysis, and response.


Security operations teams have multiple challenging priorities. Ignyte allows you to proactively manage vulnerabilities by creating tickets into service and other ITSM platforms. With Ignyte Security Operations teams, you can assure end-to-end processes are accomplished including patch management.


Security operations teams are under-staffed and over-utilized. Management often lacks the resources to invest in security operations teams. Ignyte can serve as a force multiplier to help security operations teams automate mundane task that are normally managed manually with spreadsheets. Ignyte identifies previously marked false positives and our technology leverages prebuilt learning algorithms to quickly filter through massive amounts of vulnerabilities.