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Vendor Management

As vendor risks steadily rise, procurement teams are diligently developing strategies about how best to protect their organizations. Best practices include regularly conducting vendor assessments, developing proactive vendor risk practices, and looking beyond vendors to understand the 4-party-suppliers.

Organizations must bring vendor risk management to the forefront of their initiatives and ensure they are actively monitoring and managing their key partners. Ensuring potential vendors align with your company’s mission, values, and standards as well as actively monitoring your vendor practices to ensure they remain compliant and accountable is overwhelming. Use the Ignyte Assurance Platform™ to learn, understand, and mitigate vendor risks before they escalate into larger issues.


We know your vendor risk management solution success is tied to how well the implementation is executed. Using our proven methodology, our expert teams evaluate and build solid business requirements that drive solution evaluation and execution from the start. We will confidently provide even the most complex rollout on a timeline that aligns with your schedule and will shorten the time to value for your organizational investment.


Our custom solution provides the ability to streamline processes, simplify complex regulations, and manage the integration of controls across multiple security frameworks at once. Improve efficiencies, establish a robust audit trail, and lower organizational costs by using Ignyte to apply vendor workflow automation across any industry-standard framework, such as SIGs, FEDRAMP, DFARs, HIPAA, ISO 27000, and PCI-DSS.


Define vulnerability remediation owners and automatically track system risk mitigation from identification to remediation. Assign remediation activities to system owners, send reminders at predefined intervals, and provide the metrics necessary to ensure action. Our dashboards provide leadership with ability to see at a glance what remediation activities are completed and the organization’s current state of overall compliance.


Security Ops Team

Security operations team members often struggle with consolidating data, managing threat feeds, and analyzing unrealizable information in a timely manner. Ignyte allows security operations to work hand-in-hand with governance and other team members to ensure that they have the complete 360-view of emerging threats and vulnerabilities available to help streamline processes.


Use Ignyte to ingest threat feeds from various data sources. Leverage threat intelligence to reduce time required for research, analysis, and response.


Security operations teams have multiple challenging priorities. Ignyte allows you to proactively manage vulnerabilities by creating tickets into service and other ITSM platforms. With Ignyte Security Operations teams, you can assure end-to-end processes are accomplished including patch management.


Security operations teams are under-staffed and over-utilized. Management often lacks the resources to invest in security operations teams. Ignyte can serve as a force multiplier to help security operations teams automate mundane task that are normally managed manually with spreadsheets. Ignyte identifies previously marked false positives and our technology leverages prebuilt learning algorithms to quickly filter through massive amounts of vulnerabilities.


Internal Auditor

The internal auditor plays a critical role in guiding an organization toward an integrated governance, risk, and compliance capability. The internal audit function is expected to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes. Audit managers are accountable for monitoring risks and ensuring compliance across organizational silos, reducing redundancies, and driving change while understanding an ever-evolving regulatory landscape.


Internal auditors know that significant and substantial overlaps exist among governance, risk, and compliance activities. Help departments and their consultants realize the inter-connections of their activities. Bring disconnected control, risk, and compliance initiatives — each with its own project plans and budget — together with a holistic strategy to better manage overall business and operational risks throughout the enterprise.


Use Ignyte to streamline activities across multiple areas of your enterprise (Finance, HR, IT, etc.). Assign activities once to apply to multiple frameworks. Follow up automatically on uncompleted tasks in the process and get an overall picture of the workflow along with performance metrics. Use Ignyte Assurance Platform™ to increase your team’s effectiveness across the enterprise and show real time reporting on key metrics.


Internal auditors must keep up to date with changes in the business and industry and focus beyond assurance. Audit managers should regularly consult on business process improvements and alert management to emerging issues and challenging scenarios while maintaining their independence. Ignyte’s automated control mappings help auditors stay current on critical new regulatory requirements. When a new requirement is released, the necessary updates are made to the affected controls instantly. Notifications with detailed explanations regarding the updates are distributed immediately to your teams.


Ignyte will help ensure controls are appropriate, operate effectively, and address cyber risks as intended. Your resources will be using their time more efficiently. By providing an integrated view of the audit processes, Internal Audit will provide assurance to the board, and senior management that the entire system of governance, risk, and compliance is effective and high performing. Integrating your internal processes with Ignyte can lead to simplification and clarity in governance processes and benefit any organization.


Corporate Compliance Officer

Your compliance officer must be equipped to meet regulatory challenges head on. With every new rule change or legislative act, they will have to understand how it impacts your business, document new policies, and communicate these changes to the rest of your organization. Corporate Compliance officers don’t need to be technology experts, but they need to know how to leverage integrated risk management solutions to make their jobs easier.


Some compliance officers spend one-third of their time keeping up with compliance & regulations. The escalating and shifting demands of today’s regulatory environment are unlikely to subside anytime soon. Regulation is only likely to continue to increase and get more complex and burdensome. Use Ignyte to help understand what cyber and technology legislation and regulation applies to your organization and how that should be interpreted.


Compliance regulations are increasing at a faster pace that is hiring for additional resources to help meet these new requirements. Many organizations are not adding staff to meet their compliance needs; they are just asking compliance officers to do more work with fewer resources. While there is a cost to adopt technology solutions, Ignyte can produce a demonstrable ROI. Leverage Ignyte to help streamline processes, enable your people can do more in less time, and reduce compliance spending for your organization.


New technology presents new challenges, as Compliance Officers must stay one step ahead to ensure they are aware of all the potential risks they face. The increasing use of technology and the emphasis being placed on the “why” and “how” a business is being conducted, beyond just the “what,” are also pressure points.


IT Security & Governance

Many companies fall short when it comes to evolving cyber risk management processes. Organizations struggle with presiding over cyber risk management and developing mature governance for a number of reasons.


Information security risk tends to be separated from other areas of risk, so it becomes siloed and isolated making it difficult to blend into the company culture. One of the most difficult tasks for compliance officers is to delegate workload to non-technology members throughout the organizations. Ignyte allows you to distribute tasks so security can be embedded in their environment as part of their culture.


Most organizations have not properly implemented the policies, procedures, and protocols to align with evolving business needs and cybersecurity requirements. Policies are often misaligned with the business actually needs. Use Ignyte to map out and align with business requirements and tailor your current polices to fit enterprise-wide.


Organizations must develop, adhere to, and continually evolve a governance plan that includes key characteristics, such as those found in NIST 800-53 and the ISO/IEC 27000 series. Many companies need these standard frameworks as well as their own framework to keep information security aligned with business strategy.


Organizations today are falling behind due to lack of standardization and harmonization across the enterprise of cybersecurity governance and risk management. Use Ignyte to maintain multiple standards using the Ignyte translation engine to drive a holistic view of risk.