Ignyte Assurance Platform Release Notes

Since 2012, Ignyte has been providing cyber risk and compliance solutions and services to small to medium to enterprise-sized businesses. Our Platform streamlines risk and compliance efforts and automates processes. Our release notes offer brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features in each release. Notes may include tips to help you get started and best practices to ensure your continued success.

v5.1 – Judges

  • The Secure Controls Framework has been updated to version 2021.2 and now contains 31 additional controls.
  • Paging has been added to Locations, Divisions, Departments, and Business Unit pages.
  • Framework and SubFramework mappings now have the ability to be viewed and turned on or off in a compliance system’s requirements.
  • SCAP assets can now be linked to the Compliance module.
  • SCAP assets also may be linked from the Compliance module.
  • Within the NIST CSF v_1.1 Framework, additional scales for As Is and To Be Maturity, as well as Effectiveness, have been enabled for bulk update.

v5.0 – Joshua

  • Default risk and threat sub frameworks have been enabled in SCF systems.
  • Ability to link multiple artifacts to a single or multiple controls.
  • SCAP Improvements | Uploading XML’s on Display Screen, XML Deletion, Results Reordering, and Trend Widgets.
  • New Default Status/Scale in CMMC highest maturity level systems.
  • New feature to add Licensed Default Responses/Comments in a control.
  • Custom SoR Bulk Records Updating | Reordering Enhancements.
  • New capability to display only Active Tabs inside the tab customization menu for reordering compliance control panels.

v4.21 – Deuteronomy

  • Any two Custom SoR or Asset fields may now have their positions swapped with each other within the respective settings area.
  • New ability to map a compliance system to any configured Micro or Custom Framework.
  • Additional attributes have been added to the Define phase of adding a new custom framework.
  • CCI definitions are now displayed when hovering a mouse over the Identities CCI within the SCAP module.
  • New capability to add a comment within any failed SCAP result.

v4.20 – Numbers

  • Within the Requirements section of the Compliance module, the Timeline feature now displays more insight into actions performed within the platform along with the user who performed the action.
  • POA&Ms can now be created for all accessible controls.
  • All top navigation menu items can be reordered – within the platform navigate to Settings | Organizational Settings | Menu Customization. Icons are also now displayed alongside the menu names.
  • New capability for many-to-many artifact/control mappings.
  • New feature to create Custom SoR widgets based on the name, record type, and count of records
  • Added the ability to create and store tags for the Assets & Custom SoR Modules.
  • Capability to bulk update the Custom SoR Records and Fields.

v4.19 – Leviticus

  • Updates to the SCF Framework include the ability to filter by Function Grouping and SCL Level. Within each SCF domain, Principal and Principal Intent are now displayed.
  • Control navigation tabs can now be reordered in advanced configuration.
  • Inline editing is now featured in Sub Frameworks, Assets, and SoRs.
  • Pagination has been added for Assets and SoRs.
  • New capability to import custom SoR fields and records from an excel sheet. Easily Save & Map the new custom fields and records.
  • New Feature to add multi-line text boxes within Assets, SoRs & Sub Frameworks.
  • Default fields may now be configured by selecting the gear icon and checking or unchecking the box next to the field name.

v4.18 – Exodus

  • Ability to upload, manage, and view SCAP data/trends inside the new SCAP.
  • Up to 5 Sub Frameworks can now be configured per instance.
  • Updates to the Secure Control Framework (SCF) include: domain, subdomain, and ID modifications, the addition of a question per control, a new control filter called “function grouping”, control statuses, relative control weighting, and the ability to enable or disable status definitions.
  • ISO 27001:2013 Framework updates include the new capability to select an ISO level and the addition of new controls.

v4.17 – Genesis

  • New feature to Preview & Download the Artifact linked to a Control.
  • Frequency was added as an attribute under Bulk Operations when assigning an Owner or Operator to a control.
  • The mapped Control Percentages are now shown over Coverage Diagram & Coverage Grid.
  • New ability to enable or disable the Policy Pack option under Advanced Configurations.
  • The Character Limit for all Text Field and Text Areas has been increased.


  • New capability to create different folders inside of the Global Document Management system.
  • Single Sign On has been implemented for Tenants to login to their multiple accounts using the same email ID.
  • A new multi-selection checkbox for the drop-down choices within custom SoR, Asset Type, and Sub Framework settings has been added.
  • Feature included to drag & drop the files or documents from one Artifact folder to any other folder within the same compliance system of record.
  • A Stacked bar chart is now displayed in a system’s ‘Overview’ tab to show the percentage of mapped controls for a selected system across other industry legislations. The mapped controls that are compliant are displayed in green, the non compliant controls are in red, and unmapped controls are shown in gray.


  • Document Management enhancement made that includes artifact collection for custom System of Record (SoR), assets and POA&Ms.
  • Custom System of Record (SoR) improvements include: limit increased from 5 to 10 for the number allowed, UI enhancements, and artifact collection.
  • New Data Types have been added to custom SoR, assets and subframework.


  • Two new Master Frameworks specific to NIST 800-171 and 171A have been added to the Framework Library which helps to understand the maturity level around the emerging CMMC requirements.
  • Added a new artifact type “URL” to provide the ability to link externally hosted information.
  • Custom SoR and Asset Management improvements include: pagination, cell coloring, template importing, and archiving.


  • In the Requirements area, the ability to place the POA&MS section next to the Control Tab has been added.
  • New functionality added under Bulk Operations to group “Status”, “Points Possible” & “Change Assignments” into one group called “Start Assessment”.
  • Wherever the “Color Picker” is featured, the ability to set Default Color throughout the application is now available.


  • The ability to configure a system-level Sub-Framework Menu and Panel has been added.
  • Functionality to add the newly configured Sub-Framework menu is included under the System Overview screen.
  • The ability to add a Control Reference column to the Sub-Framework menu on the System Overview screen is available.


  • NIST 800 -171A Framework updates include the capability to integrate a framework, group frameworks (ex. NIST 800 – 171, 800-171A, Both or Merged), and switch between groups after creating a system.
  • Deficiency and Id fields may now be mapped using the POA&M Panel.
  • Functionality to configure a Framework Mapping option under Advanced Configuration at the Tenant Level has been added. Additionally, Mapped Framework controls can now be shown at the Tenant Level (by Config Manager).
  • Mapped Framework Controls are now shown at the system’s control level.
  • Updates to POA&Ms include the ability to create POA&M Widgets by Status and by the top 10 most deficient controls.
  • The Artifact folder is now able to be shown under the Artifact Requester Configuration Form.


  • Relationships may now be created between Custom Systems of Records.
  • A feature has been added to show color on all of the drop down fields for SoR & Assets.
  • POA&Ms can now be created from the Control Level.
  • New functionality to bulk update the POA&MS record has been added.
  • The ability to show framework specific fields over the gear icon for the Requirements Table View is now present.
  • The capability to show color for the drop down choices for all of the default fields as well as for a particular cell has been included.


  • The capability to create a Default Folder in Document Management and Default Documents for the CMMC Framework has been added.
  • Attachments can now be uploaded from the POA&MS level inside of the Artifact Folder.
  • Attachments may now be uploaded from the Control Level inside of the Artifact Folder.
  • There is now an improved table view in the Compliance module. This includes adjustable columns and the ability to reorder items.
  • Functionality to bulk export records into an excel sheet for custom SoR is now included.
  • The Relationship Builder on the main screen has been enhanced.


  • POA&M Features added including: the display of custom POA&M Fields under the default field, redirection to a control from the POA&M section of the platform, the display of a newly created POA&M as the name of a control, and a new “IN PROGRESS” status.
  • Functionality to add colored Control Tags in the platform’s Table Views.
  • The Record Type SoR may now be imported using a templated excel spreadsheet.
  • SoR and Assets can now show color for drop down boxes on cells.
  • An option to change the control status from Table View to List View has been added with a gear icon. Additionally, gear icons now enable/disable columns from the Table View.
  • Add/Reorder Requirements updates involve: the section now staying expanded after moving a control, Expand All & Collapse All functionality, and a feature adding a “Shift Up” & “Shift Down” option.


  • New feature to add a timeline for registered deficiencies.
  • Control default weightages can now be modified for all frameworks.
  • New ability to show Table View for the Requirement screen.
  • Control Tags may now be shown from the Requirement List View.
  • Color Coding and percentage descriptions are now displayed over the control UI.
  • Capability for searching and sorting within Tenant Management has been added.
  • Adhoc SoR enhancements have been made.


  • An adhoc SoR (System of Records) has been implemented.
  • A Disable Save button is now present in Asset Fields when no Assets Fields have been applied.
  • The Manage Control panel was renamed to Bulk Operations and a Status column has replaced the previously displayed green dot icon.
  • The Manage Tailoring panel has been renamed to Framework Editor.
  • Manage Tailoring (Framework Editor) and Manage Controls (Bulk Operations) have switched positions in the platform. The navigation list order is now: System CUI, Characterization, Bulk Operations, Framework Editor, Add & Reorder Requirements, User Permissions, and Edit System.


  • Feature to add new customizable columns is now available on the Assets screen.
  • Control Scoring feature added.
  • Users may now add Hyperlinks in the Guidance during bulk upload.
  • In Bulk Control Guidance, an “Add Comment” section enhancement was made.
  • In the Default Dashboard, a “Standard View” uncheck option is now available.
  • Assets Icon improvements have been made.

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