Manual and Automated Code Review

Ignyte — historically known as MAFAZO — has been recognized as the industry leader for delivering superb security services for some of the biggest companies on earth. Ignyte Assurance Services is a service-level component that we offer to supplement and enhance our assurance platform.Every informed security executive knows that preventing an attack is next to impossible. We believe that the most knowledgeable security officer is not only looking to manage the risk, but also provide assurance for their business. Our assurance programs are delivered by building and delivering strategy documents and artifacts to support the CISO and the CIO. Assurance program delivery can be a combination of services and the platform.To keep our skills relevant and sharp, you can be assured that all developers are actual users and practitioners. Ignyte offers standards-based assessments and audits from any cybersecurity framework. Our key framework specialties include the following:
<li>NIST CSF</li>
<li>NIST RMF (Any implementation including FedRAMP)</li>
<li>HIPAA Security Rule</li>
<li>ISO 27000 Series</li>
<li>FFIEC CAT</li>
<li>And Many More</li>
The reputation and history of the company is built on technical services from penetration testing to writing custom FIPS-approved encryption algorithms in C and Assembly for some of the largest hardware distributors in the world. Ignyte maintains this pool of talent to test and audit our own platform. We offer our customers to leverage this talent by providing limited attack and strategy engagements to inform of penetration testing or vulnerability management.