Cyber Risk Management
For Healthcare

With new security threats emerging every day, healthcare providers must take proactive measures to ward off continual cyberattacks. The Ignyte Assurance Platform™ enables your organization to effectively manage and protect patient health records and comply with HIPAA.

Complying with all the HITECH, HIPAA Privacy, and Security Rule requirements is overwhelming and challenging to maintain – but not with Ignyte. 

The Ignyte Assurance Platform:

  • Simplifies your ongoing compliance efforts by mapping control requirements to your organization’s existing safeguards
  • Reports in real-time if your system is meeting the requirements your organization is required to follow
  • Automates vendor compliance through customizable workflows and risk metrics tracking

"Few are those who can bridge the gaps between security regulations, organizational change management, and the business outcomes achieved at the scope of enterprise IT transformation."

Christopher Dailey - Dātu Health

You are responsible for ensuring that your IT systems are compliant and ready to deny any cyberattacks and avoid costly ransomware issues. Talk to one of our specialists today and learn how Ignyte can give you peace of mind.

Some of the companies who are already using Ignyte:

Ignyte Plafform Trusted by World's Best Computer Technology Sercvice DELL
Ignyte Cybersecurity Platform Trusted by the US Department of Defense
Ignyte Compliance Management Trusted by the United States Department of the Air Force
Ignyte Healthcare Compliance Module Trusted By Cincinnati Children's Hospital Center

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