November 2020

A hacker is trying to exploits software

Cyber Security November 12, 2020

6 minute Read

DoD Interim Rule

On September 29, 2020, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) released an interim rule titled Assessing Contractor Implementation of Cybersecurity Requirements...

October 2020

Press Releases October 19, 2020

2 minute Read

Ignyte Institute Launch

Ignyte Assurance Platform, an industry leader in managing governance, risk and compliance (GRC), has received $100,000 from the state of Ohio to develop...

August 2020

Press Releases August 25, 2020

3 minute Read

Ignyte Recruits Top Former Federal Senior Executive

Ignyte Assurance Platform, an industry leader in managing governance, risk and compliance (GRC), has received $100,000 from the state of Ohio to develop...

July 2020

Compliance July 22, 2020

9 minute Read

What is FFIEC-CAT?

There has been a significant rise in the number and complexity of Cybersecurity threats over the last several years in the financial services industry....

General July 09, 2020

3 minute Read

Collect Evidence & Artifacts from people with Request Links

Controls management and assessments are critical for properly managing a complete information security program. Similarly, evidence collection, management, and...

January 2020

Compliance January 05, 2020

8 minute Read

Google Cloud Platform compliance & Risk Management

Previously we published an article discussing some of the best practices surrounding cloud security, in this article, we will discuss cloud a little more...

November 2019

How technology simplify vendor risk management

Vendor Governance November 14, 2019

5 minute Read

3 Trends Where Technology Can Simplify Vendor Risk Management

Vendor risk management is the practice of governing third-party access to company data. This is a critical aspect of an organization since vendors view your...

October 2019

Risk Management

Cyber Security October 28, 2019

7 minute Read

How does risk management reduce the impact of a cyber attack?

What do healthcare, banking, and the insurance industry all have in common? RISK! Regardless of industry, having an application, or system compromised could...

June 2019

A Businessmen Operation laptop to get to know the need of GRC Solution

Compliance June 25, 2019

4 minute Read


Before beginning, you might ask yourself: Does my organization need a GRC Solution? The simple answer is yes. There are complex frameworks and...

May 2019

CISO surfing on desktop to know about FedRAMP Pentesting Requirements

Cyber Security May 06, 2019

8 minute Read

FedRAMP Pentesting Requirements

If you’re doing business in the cloud, odds are you know a thing or two about compliance maintenance. This article highlights The Federal Risk and...

March 2019

Boss demostrating to his team about Importance of Risk Management in security framework

Cyber Security March 05, 2019

4 minute Read

What is Risk Exception

A business unit wants to hire a vendor that doesn’t meet policy standards and requests an exception. Approve or deny the exception request? That’s the...

February 2019

CISOS ultimate guide for top 30 security control frameworks 2019

Cyber Security February 25, 2019

22 minute Read


There are over 200 security frameworks, regulations, standards and guidelines that could impact your business. In this article, Ignyte has compiled the top 30...
A Sethescope, coffee mug and a laptop showing top 7 healthcare cybersecurity frameworks

Compliance February 25, 2019

7 minute Read

Top 7 Healthcare Cybersecurity Frameworks

Cybersecurity frameworks within the healthcare industry are used to enhance security posture and for meeting compliance requirements. This report features the...
A hacker is trying to exploits software

Cyber Security February 21, 2019

3 minute Read


Even with years of related industry experience an individual can become lost in all of the acronyms surrounding security vulnerabilities in modern software. In...
Compliance Management and its importance

Cyber Security February 11, 2019

4 minute Read

We are compliant why do we need a security program?

This article takes a high level simplistic overview of compliance showing weaknesses, and offers a solution towards a more secure business...
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