Consolidate Threat Data

Consume and consolidate threat data from various threat intelligence sources to provide a more comprehensive view of the cyber threat landscape. The Ignyte Threat & Vulnerability module provides unparalleled cyber threat visibility without the need to perform manual correlation.

Address Critical Vulnerabilities Quickly

Correlate cyber threats with specific vulnerabilities to quickly identify true vulnerability severity. The Ignyte Threat & Vulnerability module was built from the ground up to more effectively prioritize the most critical vulnerabilities allowing your team to focus on remediating high-risk vulnerabilities.

Ensure Timely Remediation

Vulnerability identification and validation is only half the battle. Unfortunately, it often takes weeks or months to remediate vulnerabilities, which increases cybersecurity risk. The Ignyte Threat & Vulnerability Management module provides closed-loop remediation as well as ticketing system integration to ensure that cyber vulnerabilities are addressed in a timely manner.

Key Features

  • Threat Feed Consolidation
  • Integration with Popular Vulnerability Testing Platforms
  • Closed-Loop Remediation Workflows
  • Integration with Popular Ticketing Systems, such as Service Now
  • Robust Reporting and Dashboards
  • Tight Integration with Other Ignyte Assurance Platform™ Modules