Policy Management

The Ignyte Policy Module provides a perfect foundation for policy development. Policy authoring, approval, and publication workflows coupled with ready-to-use policy content make policy creation a snap. Once approved, publish policies to a dedicated portal.


Eliminate multiple conflicting versions of policies and standards with a single authoritative policy repository. Ignyte Policy Management also provides advanced governance reporting and framework mapping to ensure that policy statements are in full compliance with applicable regulations.


Executive buy-in is a key factor that contributes to the adoption and compliance with policies. The Ignyte Policy Management module provides the foundation to obtain executive buy-in through approval workflows. Since policies are organized to ensure user relevance, employees have more policy content.


  • Pre-Loaded Policy Content
  • Policy Statement to Standard Flow-Down
  • Separate Public and Private Policy Portals (for External Publishing)
  • Authoring, Approval, and Publication Workflows
  • Tight Integration with Other Ignyte Assurance Platform™ Modules

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