Operational Risk Management

Reduce manual cyber risk entry through tight integration with other Ignyte Assurance Platform™ modules, such as the Business Continuity Management or Vendor Risk Management module. The Operational Risk Management module was created to automate the processes defined in ISO 31000.


Assign individual risks to business initiatives to reflect more accurate visibility to the business. One of the core features of the Operation Risk Management module is the ability to customize risk register fields which allows for attribution to business unit, initiative, or even location.


Customize risk calculation and visualization to closely meet business needs. The Ignyte Operation Risk Management module features stunning visualizations, including fully configurable heat maps as well as the ability to customize how cyber risk is calculated.


  • Based on ISO 31000
  • Operation Risks to Business Initiative Alignment
  • Real-time Risk Heat Maps
  • Configurable Risk Analytics and Normalization
  • Key Risk Indicator/Key Performance Indicator Customization
  • Risk Remediation Workflows and Reporting
  • Tight Integration with Other Ignyte Assurance Platform™ Modules