Quantify Asset Values

The most difficult part of risk management is identifying information assets and assigning monetary values to specific assets. The Ignyte Cyber Risk Management module simplifies information asset identification and provides a platform for gaining a consensus on the value of assets which enabled more accurate cyber risk calculations.

Calculate Threat Impact and Likelyhood

The Ignyte Cyber Risk Management module provides the ability to manually create persistent threats and ingest dynamic threat intelligence feeds. Not only can cyber threats be automatically assigned to information assets, but both likelihood and impact can be assigned to ensure cyber risk accuracy.

Identify Control Gaps and Track Remediations

Once a risk is identified and assigned a criticality, it is important to address the risk through remediation, transference or acceptance. The Ignyte Cyber Risk Management module provides the ability to assign ownership, create a preliminary business case, and track remediation costs to ensure that all risks are addressed in accordance with laws and regulations.

Key Features

  • Configurable Risk Algorithm Selection
  • Automated Risk Calculation
  • Closed-loop Remediation Workflows
  • Integration with Popular Ticketing Systems, such as Service Now
  • Robust Reporting and Dashboards (Including Cyber Risk Heat Maps)
  • Tight Integration with Other Ignyte Assurance Platform™ Modules