Compliance Management & Oversight

Map your organizational controls once and assess compliance with regulations as they are released. The Ignyte Compliance Management and Oversight module has automated language analysis capabilities that automatically maps new regulations to your existing control set to ensure ongoing compliance.


In addition to automated compliance mapping, the Ignyte Compliance Management and Oversight module provides a powerful workflow feature as well as integration with other Ignyte Assurance Platform™ modules and third-party applications to automate compliance related processes.


Answer the “Are We Compliant” question without hesitation. The Ignyte Compliance Management and Oversight module provides real-time dashboards and reports that are designed to provide executive-level compliance insight including more granular metrics for audit and compliance professionals.


  • Automatically Maps New Regulations to Existing Frameworks and Control Sets
  • Tiered Control Architecture
  • Tight Integration with Other Ignyte Assurance Platform™ Modules
  • Provides Assessment and Other Compliance-Related Workflows
  • Supports Both Custom and All Industry Frameworks
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