Robust Audit Management Software

IT audit is inherently process-intensive with many audit teams using spreadsheets to schedule and manage audits. Eliminate the need for spreadsheets and manual audit processes with the Ignyte Audit Management module. Streamline audits using Ignyte’s automated scheduling and workflow features. Ignyte’s tight integration with compliance allows auditors to request existing compliance information or allows compliance managers to push information to Auditors for increased cybersecurity.

Accomplish More With Your Audit Staff

Ignyte Audit Management module automation and workflow features provides a robust platform for the base internal audits allowing for increased efficiency. Auditor workload is reduced through distributed control ownership and questionnaires.

Reduce Audit Costs

Store audit workpapers in the Ignyte Audit Management platform allowing external auditors the option to retest using internal audit workpapers, reducing external audit costs. Workflow and automation features increase efficiency and reduce internal audit costs.

Key Features

  • Robust Audit Planning
  • Audit Dashboard and Reporting
  • Extensive Workflow and Automation
  • Tight Integration with Other Ignyte Assurance Platform™ Modules
  • And More…