Addressing ever increasing cybersecurity gaps and threats, simplifying regulations, and developing best practices in Governance, Risk Management and Compliance since 2012.

We’ve designed a system to enable our clients become more self-sufficient in managing their security environment, and created a platform to automate data collection, analysis, and streamline processes across multiple security frameworks at once.

Our diverse team handles every project with precision, care, and full awareness of the latest regulations, standards, and guidelines.

Every member of our team is dedicated to providing the best in class customer support to enhance your experience working with us.

Meet our Leadership

Max Aulakh

President and Founder

As an Enterprise Risk Leader with over 15 years of Business and Security Technology Leadership experience, Max delivers DoD-tested security strategies and compliance that safeguard mission-critical IT operations.

Trained and excelled in The United States Air Force, he maintained and tested the InfoSec and ComSec functions of network hardware, software, and IT infrastructure for global networks — both classified and unclassified. He drove the Information Assurance (IA) programs for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).

In 2012, Max founded Ignyte Assurance Platform, and seven year later it’s educational subsidiary,  Ignyte Institute.

His previous diverse Corporate and Federal experience comes from organizations such as:

Elizabeth Na

Chief Financial Officer

Elizabeth Na is a seasoned financial professional who uses an organized approach to build up the overall value of the business while providing tax management and audit strategies to reduce operational expenses and increase profit. 

Elizabeth carries an MBA degree in Accounting and Business Management from The University of New Mexico, Anderson School of Management, and possesses over 35 years of experience in Finance, Audit, and Accounting. 

She joined Ignyte Assurance Platform and became a part of its Member Board of Advisors in 2018. Elizabeth acts as a strategic economic advisor and drives business decisions supporting growth and sound financial management as a part of the Ignyte leadership team.

Susan Graf

Senior Business Manager

Susan Graf has over 10+ years of experience with client relationship building, cross-functional teams, and business analysis. Thanks to her diverse technical background, soft and hard skills, Susan plays multiple roles in the Ignyte Leadership team. She oversees client and partnership relationships, marketing activities, as well as strategic projects such as audit prep, and takes responsibility for internal and external communications and documentation.

Previously, Susan was a software Product Owner for a major Governance, Risk, and Compliance solutions provider and led Customer Relations efforts where she acquired tremendous experience and insight into the business management side of client-facing operations.

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