August 2018

Press Releases August 30, 2018

4 minute Read

Ignyte Works in Conjunction with NSA & DHS Initiative

A Recent Development Resulted in Ignyte Assurance Platform™ Being Part of the NSA & DHS Led Integrated Adaptive Continuous Defense (IACD) Solution...

Media Mentions August 16, 2018

1 minute Read

Max Aulakh — Contributor for CX Network Report

Max Aulakh contributed his expertise to a CX Network report, which discusses data security and how it pertains to customers. The report also busts five GDPR...

Media Mentions August 14, 2018

1 minute Read

How Hackers Infect Résumés to Target HR Data

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) quoted Max Aulakh in their post, which discussed how hackers utilize fake résumés in order to work their way...
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Media Mentions August 08, 2018

1 minute Read

Ignyte Builds First-Class, Low-Code Integrated GRC Platform

This low-code, zero-development platform offers flexibility, speed, and reduction in cost when new workflows and processes need to be automated. Read here to...

Media Mentions August 06, 2018

1 minute Read

From Battlefield to Boardroom

In Homeland Security dedicated an article to President of Ignyte Assurance Platform, Max Aulakh. Click here to find the link to the article discussing...

Media Mentions August 03, 2018

1 minute Read

Diana LaValle Quoted by NullTX

NullTX highlighted the need for more women within the tech world. Diana LaValle provides her insights as well as discusses how she has moved up to a position...

Media Mentions August 01, 2018

1 minute Read

Abstract Forward Partners with Ignyte

Abstract Forward Consulting shares similar values with Ignyte Assurance Platform, which is why we’re partnering together. This article shows how we both stay...