July 2018

Press Releases July 30, 2018

3 minute Read

Ignyte Appoints Ultimate Client Relations Person

Diana LaValle is now Director of Solutions Engineering for Ignyte Assurance Platform. She directly interacts with clients and is also in charge of sales and...

Press Releases July 27, 2018

3 minute Read

Ignyte Joins Dayton Region’s Entrepreneurial Services Provider Program

“It’s no secret that we as a society need to do more about protecting digital information,” said Max Aulakh, CEO of Ignyte. Read more to see the rest of...

Media Mentions July 26, 2018

1 minute Read

Application Security Analyzed by Max Aulakh on DZone

Max contributed his expertise among 19 executives involved with application security and Tom Smith compiled their advice into an informative...

Media Mentions July 24, 2018

1 minute Read

A Year Later, How Has Americans’ Perception of Equifax Changed?

Max Aulakh, President of Ignyte, contributed his expertise to an article on LendEDU, a marketplace for private student loans, student loan...
A women hand showing the insurance paper helping to maintian conpliance

Insurance July 05, 2018

3 minute Read

Insurance Industry and Cybersecurity

Insurance companies exist to protect their clients from damages, but what about cybersecurity damages? Are those just as important as physical damages? Take a...

Media Mentions July 02, 2018

1 minute Read

10 Experts Weigh in: What Skills Do Cybersecurity Experts Need Now?

A Medium Corporation post about what cybersecurity employees need in order to become experts in their field. Who did she ask? Ten people that are already...